Authors Notes & Clarifications




Since will we never truly understand existence, we need to construct the beginnings of a workable wisdom—adequate to what we know and do not know at this moment of spacetime.  Specialists will have to acknowledge that their field of study constitutes one of many idea systems, which paradoxically have merit on their own as well as being a part of a greater whole.



Each one of us, as mature adults, has developed an outlook on life which in most cases dominates our world view.
The combination of personality traits, character and life experiences leads us into molds out of which come our opinions and beliefs. There are those whose ideas are inflexible and thus reject alternative viewpoints. Academic specialists  can also show signs of inflexibility.

Those who hold rigid beliefs pose a problem for the development of an adequate wisdom, which cries out for the generalist in society, one who will look at all ideas with an open mind and observe the integration of all major structures, events and ideas.The specialists recognize the individuality of existence (one-half truth) but often skirt the issue of a holistic view of the world (the other half-truth).  

Adequate wisdom holds a comprehensive perspective of existence by integrating the parts and the wholes. It allows
us to observe the specialized functions of things amidst the synergistic aggregation of them.
But, where are the generalists?  




In writing this work, I wanted to construct an overview of the universe and humanity and to offer a condensed overview of all the major factors that comprise existence, especially for non-specialists. I could not have attempted such a task without the brilliance of thinkers both past and present who have provided me with a wealth of thoughts or idea systems to guide me through my presentation.

I have added a few of my own ideas and speculations, which represent more often than not an organizational map of existence. By using form, process and idea I believe I have made it a bit simpler to grasp the essence of the world. These three cardinal tools allow us to branch out and search for that which influences everything else, all leading to the formation of a workable wisdom that can guide us towards the evolution of a well managed civilization.

This overview procedure is meant to simplify and codify existence in order to develop an adequate wisdom of the universe and humanity. It should be quite obvious that this work is an early attempt at such a workable wisdom. But even though not a specialist, I nonetheless took the task to heart and tried my best to show how the universe and we are interrelated in more than just the obvious ways. That is, there remains an inexorable relationship among the cardinal parts of the world which leads to an holistic and synergistic trend of evolution.



The book often indicates that ideas result from the interconnections between form and process. And they do. But we should also emphasize that ideas generated by free will and design create new forms and processes; so that all three tools are truly linked together.