Part Two offers a wide range of questions and ideas about
existence, such as determinism and free will; synergy; a goal
directed universe; vitalism; chance; mysticism; string theory;
and cosmic fine tuning. A key point is raised about the individualism
of forms and their inclination to form larger, synergistic
wholes. There are listings of the major questions in the
world, as well as a discussion of evolution versus preformation
or foreordination.


Why are things the way they are?
Determinism and free will
What is synergy?
Freedom and free will
The goal-directed universe
A chance only existence?
Of mysticism
Adequate wisdom and the modes of existence
What are the major questions in the world?
Synergy and individualism
String theory and the infinite universe
What are some other ideas about existence?
Cohesion and diversity
What is the largest form in the universe?
The paucity of forms
Was there a beginning to our universe?
What is cosmic fine tuning?
The chicken and egg dilemma
What is destiny?

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