Part 1: The Essentials

The essays in Part One focus on the approaches we can
take to create an overview of the various parts of existence,
including forms, processes and ideas; the modes of determinism,
chance, design, free will and synergy; and the division
of the world into the physical, biological, personal and
social realms. There are twelve variables of existence that
are shown to create an interrelationship that accounts for
our experiences and knowledge. The influence of recurring
forms, processes and ideas is discussed. Also, there are essays
discussing the problems we face in trying to gain a
comprehensive view of life and the cosmos, as well as a discussion
of the status of the human condition.


The grandeur and mystery of existence
Forms, processes and ideas
Modes of existence
The four divisions of existence
The variables of existence
The guiding principles of adequate wisdom
Steps to adequate wisdom
The scales of existence
The major forms
The major processes
Some ideas about existence
What are the recurring forms?
What are the recurring processes?
The search for adequate wisdom
Astonishing observations
Restating the tools in the search for adequate wisdom
Stumbling blocks to adequate wisdom
Nagging questions
Knowing one’s place in the universe
What is the status of the human condition?
Challenges facing the quest for adequate wisdom
Details and the big picture
What is existence?
What is the human mind?
How do we know what we know?

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