Part Seven contains a sweeping look at various topics that
represent and reflect the human condition and day-to-day
transactions among people. Such topics include: egoism and
altruism; intelligence and wisdom; compassion and punishment;
love and attraction; the influence of sexuality; policy
making; absolute and relative values; death; and whether
there is any meaning to life.


What influences human beings?
Egoism and altruism
The manipulation of nature
The brain, civilization and the universe
Intelligence and wisdom
Design of Laws
War and hostility
Compassion and punishment
Education of young people
Questions for teenagers
Individual humans
Human eccentricity
Love, attraction and friendship
Individual culpability
Group and institutional culpability
The emergence of human stars
Aesthetics and adequate wisdom
Instantaneous and worldwide communications
What is the influence of sexuality?
Adult Pornography
Orgasm and evolution
Self control of emotions and sexuality
Humanity versus the rest of the animal kingdom
The individual and the state
Decision making
Policy decisions based upon adequate wisdom
Why are there changes in belief, attitude and opinion?
Change and novelty
Fanatical worship and devotion
Devotion and super patriotism
Subtexts and hidden agendas
What is luck?
Winners and losers
Unhappy people
Absolute and relative values                    
What are absolute beliefs?                                                                                         
Regulations & social engineering
Sovereignty of nations and a world government
What political and economic systems benefit humanity?
What is right and what is wrong?
What is evil?
Why do we like to blame others?
Why do we die?
Death: The Ultimate Challenge
So how do we understand life and existence?
Is there meaning to existence?
The future of existence and the Earth
Creating a life plan in the context of forms and processes

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